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Inspired by the seasons

IN OUR KITCHEN the most important key word is GENUINE. We find our inspiration in the four seasons and our dishes are almost always made from local produce available during that particular season. That our ingredients are locally sourced as much as possible is very important to us for many different reasons. Both for the environment and for the taste.

To complement the food in the best possible way, we are more than happy to help you choose a suitable wine if you so wish. Our wine cellar is well stocked and our waiting staff is very knowledgeable. Our goal is to give you an overall delightful experience, where the food and beverage complement each other. It is this concept combined with our high level of service that has made us proud members of “Sveriges Bästa Bord”, i.e. “The best tables of Sweden”.

We serve a la carte, weekend menus, lunch, lobby menus, brunch and also grand dinners in our banquet room. If you want to have an Asian meal, please visit our Japanese restaurant NAMI.

Secluded and cosy or a magnificently grand sitting? Regardless of the occasion or setting, we feel enjoyment, satisfaction and flexibility are always of great importance. Our restaurant offers a spacious, yet cosy setting, with the possibility of a secluded spot if one so wishes. In the big glass veranda, the outdoors becomes indoors and you can enjoy every season at an ambient room temperature. 

Book a table with us by calling +46 (0)340-69 01 13 or email

(Bookings made by mail are not confirmed, until we have sent you an confirmation. We will endeavour to answer you within 24 hrs.)

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