tisdag 04 oktober

Hatha and the element of fall – Rebecka Latos

En Hatha klass där vi gör självstudier inom höstens element; metall, för att identifiera obalanser och hur vi kan mogna hållbart till hösten och vintern.

Klassen hålls på engelska av Rebecka Latos. 


Tid: 4 oktober 2022 kl. 19.00–20.30

Plats: Aktivitetsrummet på Asia Spa

Pris: 240:- (Begränsat antal platser).
Gratis för medlemmar och boende gäster.

Hatha and the element of fall – Rebecka Latos

Metal is the element of fall. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine we can organize the metal element to structure our life. 

As is true in every season, when you understand how your system is affected by it, you will be better able to take care of yourself. For many, fall is the season to restructure things. Explore how the element of metal in Traditional Chinese Medicine comes into this. 

In this class, we'll do our self study within the element of fall; metal, to identify imbalances and how we can mature sustainably into fall and winter.

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”I'd like to invite beginners to experienced yoga practitioners to remind ourselves to connect the mind and breath from asanas and out to our everyday life.”
Rebecka Latos

About Rebecka Latos

Rebecka is a world traveller and international yoga teacher based in Gothenburg. 

She's teaching Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yogic philosophy, and Buddhist meditation for over 7 years in every corner of the world. Besides, Rebecka holds a Bachelor's degree in Sports Science and a Master's in Global Health. When she's not teaching yoga, she collaborates with sustainable businesses, geeks out with speciality coffee and work with health on a global scale within world-leading health organisations and applies mindfulness to NGOs. 

Ever since she can remember, spirituality and the eastern oriental lifestyle have been inspiring her during childhood along with her mother's yoga practice. In 2012, Rebecka left Sweden to explore the world. While living in Australia, she found her deeper passion for yoga and spirituality through her two yoga teachers. 

Up to the present time, it was crystal clear that there was no return to a life without yoga. "Yoga is a relationship built between the body, mind and soul. You are released from negativity, and stress, counteract physical and mental diseases, as well as create clean energy in body and spirit. Yoga has given me physically, hence, above all, mental balance. When sharing my knowledge and the way through yoga in life, one can increase positive energy and joy of life to a new level. " 

Travelling across the world, she freelanced with yoga in several countries around Southeast Asia, India, Latin America, Oceania, Europe and Scandinavia. She also holds a certification in Holistic Massage and Reflexology near the Himalayas. 

"In western society, we easily forget that yoga is much more than only asanas. I'd like to invite beginners to experienced yoga practitioners to remind ourselves to connect the mind and breath from asanas and out to our everyday life. That it is okay to let go, that straight and still is not the finish line and develop a healthier relationship to the ego." She plays with pranayama, asanas, meditation and eyes in harmony together with peaceful music, balancing out the doshas.

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