Day spa

Enjoy a whole day or half a day at Asia Spa. There is also an option of adding breakfast buffet, lunch, Sunday brunch or a relaxing spa treatment to your day spa ticket.

Simply be

From 495 SEK/adult
Enjoy a few hours in our pool and saunas, coupled with glorious relaxation and, if you wish, several different activity classes to participate in.

Peace & quiet

From 990 SEK
Treat yourself to half a day at Asia Spa and a gorgeous 25-minute spa treatment. Enjoy our pool, saunas, relaxation lounge and scheduled activity classes.

All day luxury

From 1,595 SEK
A whole day in the lap of luxury, where you have complete access to Asia Spa. A spa lunch and a heavenly spa treatment, 60 or 70 minutes long is also included.

Seize the day

From 1,395 SEK
A whole day where you have full access to Asia Spa. A spa lunch and a heavenly 50-minute spa treatment i also included.

Weekday evening

695 SEK
Enjoy an afternoon/evening at Asia Spa and hang out in our pool, saunas, relaxation rooms. This package also includes a delicious dish from our lobby menu.

Sumptuous breakfast

From 595 SEK/adult & 550 SEK/child
A moment to simply breathe and be, take a break from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. Breakfast buffet and relaxation at Asia Spa.

Peaceful sunday

From 845 SEK
Combine relaxation, exercise and our vitality pool at Asia Spa with our amazing Sunday brunch.